Many URL Opener : Wanted SEO


Open a list of URLs at the same time. So Enjoy.

Paste URLs into the field below and press Submit. Press Open All URLS this will open all the websites at once or Press Reset for empty the field. We recommend Firefox.

Note: Opening too many at once can slow your computer. One URL on one Line

         Note : All the URLs must be at the left corner of the box, other wise it will not work.                  
To open multiple URLs at the same time. Tested for Internet Explorer and Firefox. may or may not work in chrome.

It is a powerful and user friendly SEO Tool. All SEO Engineers use this tool.

Alternative of this tool is use of 'Alt+Ctrl+V'. But this is not supported in Linux. This works in windows.

If you have windows Operating System, You can use it. First copy urls as you want to open then go to Firefox. click on the address bar then press 'Alt+Ctrl+V'. Enjoy.


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