Seo : Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is used to optimize your website so that, Your site will be recognized by search engines easily. It is also used to increase the rank of keywords related to your site and your site will appear at the top in search engine searching.

Two types of Tasks generally done under SEO. ie.

  • Off-Page seo
  • On-Page seo

Off-Page Seo :
Undear Off-Page Seo we have to do following task. A report should be maintained which is sent to client. This report contains all the work done for optimizing the site.
Some main task under Off- Page are-
  • Off-Page work Report

  • Rank Report
A rank report is maintained under this section. Rank related to the keywords are generated in different search engines and maintained to Rank Report sheet.

In off-page Seo our main task is to create back links. In all above tasks we submit our site url and data related to our site.

On-Page Seo :
All the work which directly reflect in our site comes under On-Page Seo. Under this we do following tasks-
  • Meta Data Creation
  • Keyword Generation
  • Alt Image Tags
  • Headings
  • Sitemap (ROR, XML, HTML,) Creation and Updation
  • RSS Creation and Updation
  • Google Analytic Code creation and Updation
  • Bing/Yahoo Site Authorisation Code Updation and many more...

Data Sheet also maintained for On-Page Seo work. A Checklist status also maintained for On-Page Seo. The following tasks comes under this-

Check List On-Page seo report : Click image to zoom

Mozilla Firefox is SEO Friendly web browser. For Seo we need some special softwares like RoboForm and some add-ons for browser like google number, bing number, yahoo number etc.
Robo Form is used to fill data to different sites form. Data is placed in this software and it is filled over different sites by clicking robo form button which is already generated over the browser's tool bar after installation. It can be easily used.
Robo Form is available at following link:

Search engine number is used to find ranking: For this you may use Seoquake too.You may use following links and install add-ons :-

First install Greasemonkey


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