Some useful Tips & Tricks of SEO : Search Engine Optimization

  • Most important thing is that you should know the category of the site. Whenever you submit your site to other sites then choose the correct category
  • Main aim of SEO is to increase the Visitors and Page Rank
  • Working on High PR(Page Rank) Sites will give good results
  • Analysis the site time to time
  • Advertise the site by social media impacts more visitors
  • Your data should be original, easy to understand, meaningful
  • Site must have sitemap that contains all internal and external link of the site, It should be submitted to search engines through webmaster tool.
  • Your Title, Keyword & Description should have some same words which is related to the body of the site. Although it is not necessary but if this happens then your site will recoginze by the search engines quickly & easily.
    Most of the webmasters follow the following are good characteristics
  • Meta Title Length = 65 characters
  • Meta Keyword tag = 256 characters
  • Meta Description tag = 154 characters
  • Don't ever try to use dublicate data
  • Dublicate data cause bad impact to visitors, search engines to index the site

Note : If your site redirect from different url like with www or without www then search engine may understand that site have dublicate data, for this use htaccess file.
Know more about this by following sites :

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